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From patient point-of-contact to specialized and efficient report delivery, Hamilton X-Ray and Ultrasound is a trustworthy practice providing reliable and expert patient services.

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Hamilton X-Ray and Ultrasound is located at 700 Main St. E. in Hamilton, ON. The aim of Hamilton X-Ray and Ultrasound is to provide reliable and trustworthy patient services, for the benefit of both patient and referring physician.

  • X-Ray Services
  • G.I. Tract
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Ultrasound Services
  • Abdomen & Pelvic
  • MSK Ultrasound
The Staff of Hamilton X-Ray and Ultrasound
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Meet Radiologist, Dr. James Watt

Dr. J. Watt, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. is a medical imaging specialist. Located nearby McMaster University, his special interest is in musculoskeletal injuries, as well as ultrasound, x-rays, and radiology services. Dr. Watt has now included sports injuries imaging into his practice, and he has done referrals for the Hamilton Tigercats. He is a Diagnostic Radiologist and universally respected for his keen x-ray and ultrasound analysis.

Dr. James Watt examining slides at Hamilton X-Ray

Dr. Watt works with his team of nurses, x-ray and ultrasound technicians, and receptionists to ensure referring doctors receive accurate reports in an efficient and professional manner. He has been a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada since 1990.